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New way to send your parcel from one PopBox locker to another or to the selected address


Reliable service which provides convenience to store your belongings in a PopBox locker safely

On Demand

New experience of cleaning your laundry via PopBox services with ease

Free Gift

Get an attractive gift for your participation in the survey

Steps to Use PopSend

Steps to Use PopSafe

Steps to Use On Demand

Steps to Use Free Gift

Place the parcel in the locker
Select a pick-up location and a drop-off location. Confirm your order and attach the order receipt to the parcel before placing the parcel in the locker. The courier will collect the parcel and send to your drop-off location.
Multi-locations for destinations
Within 1 (one) transaction, you can directly add on up to 5 (five) destinations for lockers.
Ensure that the information is complete
Fill in the necessary details to ensure that your parcel reaches the destination quickly.
Attach the invoice and send
The invoice will be sent to your email after the transaction. Print the invoice and attach it to the parcel which is ready to be sent.
Select locker location
You can rent a locker at your preferred location.
Select locker location
Select the locker size which is suitable to store your belongings.
Store your belongings
Open the locker by keying in the order number.
Collect within 24 hours
The PIN Code will be sent to you once the order is made which is valid for 24 hours to store your belongings.
Select our partner
Select PopBox’s partner and the service that you need, for example, the laundry service.
Store items in the locker
Place your laundry items in the locker with your order number.
Working process and payment
Your laundry will be processed by PopBox’s partner. Please remember to make the payment.
Collect items
You will receive a PIN Code to retrieve your items when the process is completed.
Fill in the online survey form
Spare some time to answer our survey questions.
Fill in your personal details
Provide your complete personal details.
Receive a surprise from PopBox
You will receive a surprise from PopBox if you are lucky. Wait for the SMS with PIN Code to collect the gift.